Weight to go

Many people struggle to understand why they can't lose weight. And once on a diet, they might not know whether they are meeting all their nutritional needs with the foods that they're eating. This is important, as the body needs vitamin vitamins, minerals and energy-giving nutrients to keep optimally healthy.

By assessing diet and lifestyle, we can look at factors that influence your weight loss, and work with this to improve the nutritive quality of your diet, and inspire you to make positive changes.

Initial consultation – 1 hour (or 1 hour 30 minutes for extended appointments)

  • Follow up ONE: To report back on findings and put in place an action plan – 45 minutes

  • Follow up TWO: To check progress, review and plan – 45 minutes.

This will include dietary suggestions, protocols and plans, and, where appropriate, recommendation of supplements and nutritional testing.  Further follow up appointments will support you in your nutritional journey.

HOW, and how much?  Consultations are available face to face, by phone or skype – CLICK HERE